It just happens, you can’t deny it. Some days you just feel like doing nothing at all. Your body just doesn’t work as you expect it to.

Going to the toilet seems like climbing the Everest. Washing the dishes is as hard as running a marathon. Working on your projects? Oh, no, I’d rather wash the dishes.

Even the most powerful and successful people have grey and unproductive days. It’s totally normal and you shouldn’t blame yourself for feeling like that. But you should blame yourself if you don’t try do something about it.

You may have tried everything: coffee, energy drinks, sleeping more, playing music. Everything. But nothing worked. Nothing at all.

Let me tell you, you haven’t tried everything.

Wanna know the secret? Just move

Yes. As simply as that. Move.

time lapse photography of man dancing
Image by Ahmad Odeh, Unsplash.

Stand up and walk around the house or go the park for a nice walk under the sunshine.

Play some music and dance as a crazy drunk teenager (or adult) in the disco.

Go downstairs, visit a shop and buy that thing you needed and you didn’t buy because your laziness didn’t let you.

Play some stupid games with your friends and laugh until it aches. Record a silly and funny video for a relative of yours. Sing your favourite song. Shout, jump, run. Whatever, but move!

How does it work? Much of our feelings are contagious. Here’s the most famous example: let’s say you’re feeling sad or a little bit under the weather. You won’t smile, would you? But what would happen if you smiled? You would feel better, happier. And I’m not the only one who says that, loads of people have written about that. Wanna try? Give at go! You’ll feel better.

It also happens with attitude: have a positive mind and you’ll achieve positive results. It’s like a sticky action. You “call” a feeling, you pretend to have it, and then you have it. It’s impossible to be sad with a smile on your face. It’s impossible to be tired while moving.

One minute is more than enough. If you’ve been working for hours in front of the computer just do something different for a couple of minute and you’ll feel much better.

It’s as simple as that. Move, move, move. Simple, but useful.

The first step, the most complicated one

“Wait a minute”, you may think, “you’re asking me to be almost an athlete when my problem is that I’m feeling tired?”. Yes, I am. And I’m sorry for that.

But just like everything else, taking the first step is the most complicated thing to do.

How to overcome that? There’s no guide or tutorial, you just have to do it. Don’t think too much about it. There are a lot of things we wouldn’t do if we thought to much about them. Moving is one of them.

But believe me: you’ll do it and once you see the results, it will be like having the formula of success.

And there’s even more

Energy is not only for physically demanding activities.

Thins like reading, writing, studying or painting also need to be fed by energy. Not the same kind of energy, tough. But it’s still energy.

How can you get that? Think… think… That’s right: MOVE!

After fulling your body with energy, you will not only be able to do some exercise or to get ready to work, but also to relax and read a book or play some nice song with your guitar. All your compressed stressed and worries are now out! Freedom to concentrate!

Another benefit? Going to bed will be easier. You’ll fall asleep quicker. You’re more tired, happier and less worried. Can you beat that?

So what are you waiting for? Go there and MOVE!

Published by Ignacio Zambello

I’m a journalist and I like writing. You'll find a little bit of everything in my blog. Dive into my web and discover texts and videos about lifestyle, sports, books, reading, blogging and much more.

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