You may have been told that being busy all the time is not good at all. What about time for oneself, or for family and friends? And what about my hobbies? We all deserve some time to just relax, think about nothing and let life past by.

That’s true. But up to certain point.

You must consider those things as activities which deserve their own space in your agenda. Being with friends is an activity, taking care of your child is an activity and spending some time chilling down is also an important activity! It’s mistaken to consider them as non-productive things that belong to our “spare time” category.

Having cleared that, let’s move on. In which ways being busy can be beneficial for your health?

Being busy turns your mind off

Well, that’s not entirely true.

Whatever activity you’re committed to, you have to put some mental effort on it, so your mind is actually working. But it’s only focused on that single thing.

Let’s use an example. Imagine you’re reading a book. You enjoy it and you’re having a nice time with a mug of coffee. Your mind is only working to process the letters and words in that piece of paper. It’s there, in that moment, doing that. It’s not thinking about the bills, about some debts, about tomorrow’s meeting or about where you’ve left your keys.

Being busy eliminates all that negative (and most of the times unnecessary) overthinking. We tend to worry to much about things that are part of the past or that won’t ever happen, and that’s poison for our health. It makes us nervous, stressed and fills our bodies with worry and concern. We don’t want that, do we?

Do something. Always. It’ll keep your mind busy.

Some problems need your attention, of course. But consider that as a separate activity. Sit down and take your time to solve a specific situation, don’t take that problem with you everywhere. In addition, if you expose yourself to a wide range of different activities, your mind will be clearer and more relaxed, prepared to come up with the best solutions to your problems.

That’s why it’s important to keep you busy with things you enjoy when possible. Activities you hate won’t keep you entertained. Thus, you’ll think too much. And that’s not good.

Hunger attacks when you’re bored

It happens to everyone, doesn’t it? When you have nothing to do you think about eating something.

For example, when you are waiting at the airport, eating something is always a good option. Maybe some coffee or a snack will do.

person feeding baby
Image by @linsyorozuya, Unsplash.

The same when you’re at home. Nothing to do? Let’s make a sandwich or go for some chocolates.

Being busy is a perfect solution for that and a benefit for your health. Some activities won’t let you eat at all, like doing sports. Some others, like writing, reading a book or going for a walk won’t stop you from eating, but will make you eat less.


At this exact moment I’ve got a cup of coffee and some biscuits on my desk. If I weren’t typing I would eat one every 30 seconds. But I’m busy, I’m committed with my work, so I eat one every 4 or 5 minutes. I’m still eating unhealthy food, but less.

Forget about bad habits

Unfortunately, I bite my nails.

Unfortunately, I do it a lot. Mostly when I’m bored.

Waiting for the bus or queueing at the supermarket are perfect opportunities to attack my fingers. What do they’ve got in common? That at those moments I’m doing nothing.

But guess what? When I’m busy, no matter what activity I’m doing, I forget about the existence of my nails. “Oh, it’s been hours since I don’t bite them”, I say to myself after reading a book or playing football.

That’s only my example, but that works for many other things. For example, smokers. Being in public places or practicing sports doesn’t give you the time nor the chance to take a cigarette to your mouth.

Think about hair pulling, skin picking and all the other bad habits that exist. Keeping yourself busy won’t give you time to even think about those things and, as a consequence, time to actually do them.

Some people suffer from anxiety or stress. What could be a solution? Yes, being busy.

Feeling tired? That’s because you’re doing nothing

Lying in bed with a smartphone in our hands is a perfect situation to let fatigue invade our body. When you’re doing nothing, you just want to keep doing nothing.

woman in purple top yawning
Image by @kevin_1658, Unsplash

But when you’re doing something you’re boosting your energy.

Ok, I admit it, this is hard. If you’re feeling tired just because it’s difficult to make the first step. But once you’ve done it you’ll suddenly feel alive again.

Cleaning the house with some nice music at the background will make you wake up. Doing some sport won’t let you feel tired. Having a drink with you’re friends is a perfect way to forget about being tired.

I’ve already written some stuff about how to forget about fatigue and increase your energy. And the one simple step is actually to do something.

Last but not least: productivity

Just one simple question for you:

What’s better: doing nothing or doing something?

We all know the answer, right? There’s no way in which doing nothing at all can be better that doing something, whatever it is. Even if you fail, you would have learnt how not to do something. Mistakes are the best teachers.

If you’ve got things to do, it’s much easier. An article to write, a video to edit, some classes to attend, some food to cook. You just go and to that simply because you have to. That’ll keep you busy.

But what about when there’s nothing to do? Honestly, there are times in which activities seem non-existent, everything is already done and the bed and your phone look more tempting than ever.

Let me tell you: there’s something always to do.

Learn a knew skill, do some research on that interesting topic you’re so curious about, clean the house, sell your old stuff, speak to some old friend, go for a walk, stretch, dance, sing, whatever. All that will make you a better person in some way.

You don’t have to do hundreds of things in the same day. Honestly, I can tell you that doing just one thing per day will increase your productivity a lot.

You’ve read this article now, now move on to your next activity!

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