How the battery on your phone can measure your happiness

There’s no such thing as a thermometer for happiness. There’s not an objective way to measure it. And even further, we won’t always agree on what happiness is. Some people say that they can tell they’re happy because they feel time flies. After a couple of hours, they realise they’ve been having such a good […]

“Hey, dad, you used to be happy, what happened?”

They used to have fun. A lot. I remember witnessing those two men dressed like women and dancing in front of more than a hundred people in some random party. I remember them smiling, laughing, making jokes. I remember them enjoying life. That’s only a memory. That doesn’t happen anymore. And that’s really sad. I […]

You think things are expensive? Then compare them to a pint of beer

Have you ever asked yourself what is actually expensive? So have I. When facing a situation in which we don’t really know whether something is worth the money or not, we tend to compare. A phone is as expensive as a laptop, a book as expensive as a magazine or a banana as expensive as […]

How knowing a second language changed my life

I hated my parents because they made me took English classes. I kept telling them that I didn’t want to go anymore, that I got bored, basically that I really hated it. Thank God they didn’t listen to me and I attended English classes for more than 12 years. Now I live in London and […]

The best question someone ever asked me

In the middle of a normal night at an English pub, a person I’d just known asked me one of the best questions I’ve ever heard in my life. The question itself was a normal one, but it was the fact that people normally use a different one when they want to ask the same […]

Why thinking could be a symptom of lack of happiness?

I hate jogging because it makes me think too much. The same about going to the gym or waiting for the bus. When I find myself doing thinks I don’t like I tend to full my mind of thoughts about what I’m having for dinner, where I can go for my next holidays or whether […]

The story of my love-hate relationship with e-books and paper books

Like you, I love reading. It’s part of my everyday life. If I’m not reading a book, I’m reading a magazine. If I’m not reading an article on the Internet I’m reading a newspaper. I never make a trip without a book and I never leave home without an article saved on Pocket or on […]

Is it really important to know?

“It doesn’t matter to me who’s Prime Minister, (…) ordinary people fill their heads with all kinds of rubbish, (…) What does that matter?! So we go around the sun! If we went around the moon or round and round the garden like a teddy bear, it wouldn’t make any difference! “, said Sherlock Holmes (actually, […]